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ProjectDescription: Sanctuary Renovation

Project Value:  Approx. $20,000


In our ongoing commitment to our clients we strive to ensure we continue to service our clients well after we finish a project.  Glencairn Baptist Church is an example of this commitment.  We originally worked with Glencairn in 2013, installing an audio and video projection system for them which was well suited for their needs in 2013, and which was still well positioned to serve them today.

However, Glencairn recently made the decision to redesign and renovate their small Sanctuary to facilitate a larger on-line presence.  This among other things meant enlarging their existing stage area, relocating the physical location of their A/V desk to a new repurposed A/V room, including relocating existing amplifiers and existing wiring to this new A/V room.  Addition of DMX lighting fixtures that could be controlled remotely, as well as a new Camera control system were now also a priority for Glencairn Baptist Church.


In renovating their existing worship space, it was a priority for Glencairn that all the work for this A/V portion of their renovation project needed to be facilitated under fairly tight time constraints, and in parallel with the rest of the construction work that also needed to happen.

In relocating all audio equipment to the new A/V room, we determined that some of the existing audio cabling could be repurposed for the client, which allowed them to expand their audio inputs on-stage from 16 to 24 channels still utilizing the same equipment, with all 24 channels hardwired into 4 on-stage floor boxes (2 of these floor boxes were new, and two were pre-existing). At the same time, repositioning and rewiring the client’s existing amplifiers to the new A/V room also helped clear much needed space for the client in the utility room behind their stage, and made the amplifiers much easier to monitor and service.

From a lighting perspective, the small size of the stage meant we could facilitate installing new stage lighting with only 12 Chauvet SlimPAR H6 washlights, (4 stage-left, 4 stage-right, 4 upstage-centre), controlled from the new A/V room location using a Chauvet Obey 4 DMX Controller. We mounted these 12 fixtures from 3 custom lighting bars fabricated by AVLI (formerly DWL) specifically for this install.

Finally, from Video Camera Control perspective we recommended a video control solution with a Roland V-1HD video switcher, which allows for broadcast quality switching of 4 distinct HDMI sources, which is used to mix video from 2 Sony HXR-NX100 HD Cameras, and an Apple Mac Mini computer suppling presentation content.