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Project Description:

Project Value:

Approx. $40,000


The sanctuary at Calvary Baptist is a highly reverberant space with about 225 seats . The worship at Calvary blends contemporary music with bells and choral singing; for this reason we strove to maintain the lively acoustic of the space and build a loudspeaker system with excellent pattern control ensuring a high level of intelligibility while maintaining the character of the space.


We hung an EAW VLF series constant curvature line array, designed in EASE, from a 47 foot peaked ceiling. This loudspeaker array needed to be hung high enough that it did not obscure sightlines to the ceiling while still delivering high music impact and speech intelligibility; the well defined pattern control of this array worked great.

Further maintaining the ascetic of the space, we furnished custom cabinetry to match the woodworking within the church, repurposing several old pews as a material for the cabinet.

We also provided a new 24-channel mixer, 4 monitors on separate mixes, and a complete assortment of new microphones and accessories. QSC power amplifiers where located in a separate locked closet, powered on remotely with Furman power sequencing hardware.

The entire project was carried out without displacing either congregation from their space; we worked to pull all the cable ahead of time, hung the speakers, and switched the systems over within the space of a week.