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Project Description:

Project Value:

Approx. $250,000


Richmond Hill Christian Community Church was looking to partner with an A/V integrator who could help them establish a well thought out plan for the ground up renovation of their modernized 680 seat S2 Sanctuary, while keeping their values and needs at the forefront of the project from beginning to end.

The project for Sanctuary 2 was envisioned from the start to be a full rework of the existing worship space. Style and capabilities were to mirror their larger Sanctuary 1 facility in a more modern facility suited to a more contemporary worship service.

Meeting spaces in the basement fellowship hall and video overflow throughout hallways and classrooms were also required.


Working closely with the technical staff at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church, we designed a system that is reliable, capable, and intuitive to operate.

The heart of the system is comprised of BSS signal processors. These processors link Sanctuary 1 and Sanctuary 2 with digital audio, control the video matrix switching and projectors, and process all audio throughout the space.

The audio system is controlled by a Behringer X32 with a Midas Stagebox. Crown power amps and EAW loudspeakers provide high quality audio.

The video system is routed through a 16×16 modular Kramer video matrix. Key features include a triple wide array of 8500 lumen Panasonic projectors and video routing through hallways and classrooms to multiple flat panel displays.

Colored LED lighting and integrated control of the house lights make for a richer worship experience, easily controlled from access panels at multiple entrances.