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Project Description:

Project Value:   

Approx. $55,000


The community at Rehoboth URC was looking for a Video Projection solution for a traditional Church Sanctuary which would allow them to preserve the look and feel of their existing Sanctuary while providing them with an optimal viewing experience for multiple purposes in a high ambient light environment.

The new video projection system would need to incorporate well aesthetically with the décor of the existing Sanctuary, would need to be easy and intuitive to operate, while also allowing Rehoboth to address their immediate video projection needs as well as their needs looking forward for the coming years.


In wanting to respect the visual impact of a new Video Projection system, we began our work by delivering scaled conceptual drawings of Rehoboth’s Sanctuary to help provide a visual representation to Church leadership of what the Sanctuary would look like once work was completed.

The video system chosen for Rehoboth URC centered around a pair of high-powered8500 lumen Panasonic DLP projectors, equipped with long-throw lenses that would allow the projectors to be discreetly mounted on custom platforms on the back wall of the Sanctuary, while at the same time overcoming the high ambient light levels within the Sanctuary.  Two Da-Lite Cinema Contour Fixed Frame screens were then chosen in a size and location that would minimize viewer fatigue, but which would also fit well with the overall ascetics of the existing space.

To augment the two main projectors, a smaller 4300 lumen Panasonic projector was hung from the Sanctuary ceiling for a smaller matching Da-Lite Cinema Contour Fixed Frame confidence screen on the rear wall of the Sanctuary.

From a video distribution perspective, we opted for a Kramer VP-444 scaler/switcher, which allows for multiple HDMI and analog inputs to be distributed to two separate HDMI outputs, and then utilized Blackmagic Design’s Micro Converters to distribute the HDMI source signal over SDI to the three projectors.  The result being a flexible video distribution system that is easy to operate, while still allowing capacity for future growth.